Some specialities for a glance:

1. “Swastika Dhyan Mandir” for practicing “soham and chakra dyana”.

2. “Sarva Dharma Manav Mandir” for oneness and; peace.

3. Ashram natural peaceful ambiance and animals loving family.

4. Counseling , Healing, Therapy rooms, spiritual center, yoga, satsangs, bhajans, etc…

5. “Ayurveda food restaurant by reservations

6. Diploma training courses in Ayurveda therapies, food, and lifestyle courses; Yoga therapy training and Ashtanga yoga courses, Naturopathy, reiki, etc...  

Why we are different?

We are naturally different from others because our ayuryogam is a home away from home, "A piece of India in the magnificent Caribbean Nature" just a home for nourishing your energy, stimulating, and rejuvenating your discomforts. A total transformation from your “diseases to good health”. Beyond this one can experience a total character change in their behavior and total change in their life style.

Divine Ayurveda  therapies.. really holistic…

our “Ayuryogam”.Sun therapy, mud therapy, hydro therapy, pancha karma, oil massages, hot water steaming, Alexander techniques, reflexology, chiropractic, color therapy, music therapy, dance therapy, ayurveda, holistic healing techniques including reiki, pranic healing, faith healing, flower remedies, gemology, yoga , dhyana, mudra therapy, & moon light healing are some of the special healing techniques of our guruji. With his miraculous healing, counseling, & unconditional love 100 percent cure is the success behind this “ayuryogam”