“AYURYOGAM” the Heritage of Holistic Healing”:

"AYURYOGAM” is a concept originated by “Yogi.sri.sri.rajaRishishiva”, who is the founder  of “Indian institute of yogic science and research foundation” Ahmedabad, “Indian institute of yogic science”Bangalore. and Instituto Indio de Ciencia Yoguistica, Inc. in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.
The concept of “Ayuryogam” is to establish and spread the knowledge of simple ayurveda and yoga techniques as a holistic healing. “AYURYOGAM” will include many simple healing methods and rejuvenation techniques for the treatment of diseases. 
Ayuryogam is a combination of the two holistic knowledge of Ayurveda and Yoga founded by sage Patanjali. Ayurveda and Yoga can very well get with each other to bring miraculous recovery from any kind of diseases. Ayuryogam is a natural healing therapy center and products, an; a spiritual idea in the environment of an Ashram, for people who wants to get the natural physic and  spiritual healing, food and healthy life-style  . The treatment time may vary from minimum 7days(1 week) to 90 days(3 months) and shall even continue further depending upon the severity of the condition of patients. Some of the patients shall be treated freely as a cause of charity and shall be selected for treatment by the board of trustees, after all verification of the original documents.